Summer Solstice Studio Party with Pablo Solomon

This is our fourth year together! The annual Solstice Party with Pablo and Beverly Solomon is always delightful. This year, Pablo premiered his new paintings, which are filled with color, energy, and his iconic female figures.


In his artist talk, Pablo discussed how the act of painting can represent a cathartic release of emotions that speak to certain people on many levels – almost like a secret code. The multi-talented artist also described his love for ecological stewardship and recycling old materials into re-invented art.

I invite you to share their Solstice celebration in the video, below – thanks, as always, to Pablo and Beverly! And today, as is our tradition, we get to go junk shopping with them for new art fodder!! Hooray, YeYa’s, here we come!



6 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Studio Party with Pablo Solomon

  1. Lyn, I must admit that mobility in the world is not my strong point. For that reason, and so much more, I want you to know how much it means to me to feel “included” in so much of your studio and art life. Thanks for all you do and, especially just now, for the wonderful videos you share with all of us!

  2. Ann, having you here in spirit is almost as good as having you here in person – thanks for joining – your presence is much appreciated! Hugs,

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