Scent Shards up on Etsy

Just a quick note for those of you who suggested I make the Scent Shards available on Etsy – I did! Here’s the link:

Thanks – they are listed individually. I had to raise the shipping to $4 because of the larger geographic area, but if it costs less to ship to you guys who read SHARDS, I’ll refund the dif. Please share the link – you’re the best!


Countdown to Saturday sale with da girlz

I love being in shows at the Studio with Lesta, Alison, and Jan – they are such inspiring artists. Here’s your personal invitation – If you click on it, you can get a printable version to share with everybody! Sharing is GOOD!nov9

Remember Scent Shards? I found a wonderful 1930’s carved face of a woman to use as a press mold,  and have made a series of new “B Beautiful” Scent Shards for the Saturday show. There are only ten of these, and I think they are the best ever. Any suggestions for essential oils to go with them? I’m thinking lavender and tangerine.scentshards

Last but not least, congrats to Karen Jensen, wonderful writer and all-around creative person, for winning the Shard Adornment kit – it’ll be in the mail today, Karen! Thanks (to everyone) for subscribing to SHARDS.