Three-minute “big question” video

I was upgrading my Vimeo account this morning and came across this Staff Pick called “What Comes After Religion” by Jonathan Hodgson. It’s thought-provoking and beautifully made and addresses (in just three minutes) questions about the human need for spirituality in the absence of formal religion – and the way art plays an integral part. I thought it was worth sharing. Comments?

WHAT COMES AFTER RELIGION from Jonathan Hodgson on Vimeo.

OK, back to work – is it Friday yet?

2 thoughts on “Three-minute “big question” video

  1. In the absence of formal religion, and here we must distinguish between religion and faith, the human spirit feels rudderless and a part of it feels vacant, as if there is a hole to be filled. That vacancy of spirit must then be filled, and that’s where art, be it music, painting, sculpture or writing or designing a garden, a bridge, a tower, comes in. All of these forms are spiritual. They are inspired, and whether one calls that inspiration that flows to fill the void as coming from a muse of from GOD, who is the SOURCE of everything, the human spirit needs it and will not rest until the void is filled. I haven’t read Hodgson’s book, so don’t know what he has to say, but what I have said above, is what comes from within my own spirit.

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