Whiter Shades of Pale – playing in the no-color zone

Lesta Frank has a ray gun – she brought it to our all-day Whiter Shades of Pale workshop yesterday, and when anyone “called color” on another person (like, they were reaching for some red paint), they got blasted with flashing lights and wild beeps. It was pretty funny!

The whole day was a delight, as a matter of fact. In the morning, we made beautiful pale papers under Lesta’s expert tutelage – ecru, ivory, palest gold and silver – all breathtaking. A favorite was the string-embedded paper.


In the afternoon, we used those papers to create stunning assemblage/collages with the hand-embellished paper and found objects tied into our canvases.


Lesta’s collage

The video from the workshop is just pure eye-candy. It’s astonishing how much richness and variety can come from such a a limited color palette. Limiting the color choices allows you to concentrate on texture and composition.

Pale colors and textures are so wonderfully nostalgic that I thought I’d treat you to the original inspiration, the song called “A Whiter Shade of Pale” which won a Grammy for Procol Harum in (gulp) 1967. The video looks so sweet and goofy – very non-MTV. But boy, does it bring back memories!



3 thoughts on “Whiter Shades of Pale – playing in the no-color zone

  1. What a great day it was, Lyn.
    Thanks for pushing our comfort zones.
    Its good for us to explore regions unvisited in our art.
    It won’t Break us, rather, it helps us to find our way to who we are and who we also could Become! Even if we get occasionally get shot by the color ray gun.
    Thanks also for introducing us to your amazing professional pairings.
    Lesta was a dear…her catalog of techniques is duly added to our arsenals!
    LOVE what you bring to the art community in San Antonio…Fondly, Laura

  2. Lyn, you and Lesta are a great team, both sharing your talents and expertise with us. What an exciting fun day! Looking forward to many more workshops and surprises. Love to all,

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