Workshop wowsers with household cleaner

That Citra-Solv stuff just keeps on giving – it cleans up cat barf (personal experience), it’s organic and smells good, and it goofs up old magazine pages and turns them into art paper. I learned about it when artists Bonnie Davis and Rosemary Uchniat demo’d it at the first Studio Show and Tell (the next one is this Saturday, 2-4, so be there). Two workshops later, we’re having a great time combining Citra-solved paper with impeccable composition and inspired vision and turning it into lovely small artwork. Here’s a short video from yesterday’s collage workshop – look what these guys did!

If the altered paper process intrigues you, here’s a great tutorial from good old Cheap Joe featuring Cathy Taylor, who really specializes in collage with Citra-solv papers. It’s a lot of fun to play around with.

3 thoughts on “Workshop wowsers with household cleaner

  1. I’ve had some interesting results, but cannot seem to get the bubbles that are my goal. Most papers just turn out dark and smeary. I’ve watched every video I can, and tried a variety of temperatures and dates of Nat Geo’s. Any hints??

    • Susan, the one thing I might suggest is to use the sprinkle method instead of brushing the Citra-Solv on – poke a couple of holes in the paper cap underneath the outer cap and just splash it on every page- if you’ve already tried that, then I am stumped.

      • Thanks Lyn. I do sprinkle — and have also tried foam brushes. I’ve also tried various quantities of Citra Solv. Ah, the mystery of art. I am having fun removing ink through masks and stencils from the pages with alcohol, and have decided to use spray fixative for the ones i use in collage. I love your posts.

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