Creating with invisible directions

It’s hard to explain how it feels when the parts take over and show you where they need to go – sounds kind of weird. But I just finished a Shardian assemblage that did just that. This figurative piece had never existed before, so there were no directions, but the pieces fit together so smoothly that every piece that was put in place felt exactly right. I love it when that happens! Hmmm . . .this piece started right after my visit to Papa Jim’s . . . (hearing theme from Twilight Zone) . . .


4 thoughts on “Creating with invisible directions

  1. Oh, wow! Lyn, this angel sends one’s thoughts into all sorts of intriguing places. The face is so expressive, one that surely must have arisen from some other dimension. Just be careful not to linger too long in the Zone. You’re greatly needed on this side of the veil!

    • I love all of these comments – many many thanks – and I’ll be careful not to get too bewitched by the process of creating these little beings!

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