Saturday Show and Tell, April 30th

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My cup runneth over with good stuff! Yesterday’s Show and Tell was a feast of creativity and sharing. It was an almost serene experience – everyone’s work seemed to be somehow connected, and the afternoon flowed from fiber to metal to painting to digital images and poetry.

When other artists and friends take the time to come to these sessions, it truly makes Lyn Belisle Studio a Place of Creative Belonging. Thanks to all of you – I am pretty dang blessed.

If you see some work here that you’d like to know more about, feel free to email me and I’ll put you in touch with the artist. Happy May Day!!

Cheesy video, great afternoon!

Darn it! If only I had remembered to take my video camera to yesterday’s Show and Tell at the Studio – it was the best ever. But I did make a little sampler of some of the presenters with my iPhone – unfortunately, you will have to put up with the “black bands” on the sides and the goofy volume. But it was a blast (see first segment). Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to the diversely talented show-and-tellers – we’ll do it again next month (probably Saturday, Aug. 23rd).