No-Fire Shard Faces – a how-to freebie

So you can’t come to the workshop this afternoon? Darn! Well, never fear – here’s a how-to freebie on making your own shard faces and adornments at your own place of creative belonging. No kiln needed because this project uses air-dry clay, lightweight and inexpensive. I’m going to demo this process at the workshop this afternoon although we will be using actual earthenware clay today. But this is a fun option to try at home (yes, you can try this at home). Here are some how-to step-by-step photos. And if you click this link, you’ll get a printable one-page list of materials and directions. Happy molding! That sounds weird. Happy creating beautiful one-of-a-kind clay objects of delight!!


The light bulb of creativity

I think mine just switched on – look what got put together this morning – a Scarf Shard! I made this last night thinking I would put the beaded face pendant on a strand of beads, but then a eureka moment struck me. This is pretty, and it feels soft around my neck. The wrap stays amazingly secure – I think I’ll make some more for the December 1st Open Studio/Open House (hope it’s on your calendar). Carol Sue, can you see possibilities in this with your fiberarts? Hope so!